60 Days No Social Media: A Personal Update

In the era where "scrolling" is as natural as breathing and every "ding" of a notification can dictate our attention span, I took the bold (or some might say, unimaginable) step of quitting social media for 60 days. And as I pen down my experiences, I hope to shed light on the positives, the challenges, and the unexpected urges that came along the way.

The No-Urge Zone

It's been two months since I logged off from Facebook, Instagram, and 'X'. The surprise? I haven't missed them one bit. Initially, I had anticipated phantom vibrations, a restless finger itching to tap open an app, or even the subconscious move to check notifications. But, as days turned into weeks, it was as if a weight had lifted off my shoulders. I no longer felt the pressure to "like" posts instantly, no urge to craft the perfect story, and most importantly, no FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

The Not-So-Easy Path

While Facebook and Instagram were surprisingly easy to keep at bay, there were other platforms that tempted me time and again. LinkedIn, for instance. Maybe it was the professional setting or the hunger to stay updated about my industry, but I often found myself hovering over the LinkedIn icon. YouTube and TikTok were another set of challenges altogether. From educational content to hilarious memes and addictive short clips, the temptation to dive into the world of videos was real.

Navigating the Temptations

To combat these urges, I adopted two primary strategies.

The Forest App: For those unfamiliar, the Forest App is a unique tool designed to help users stay away from their phones. The concept is simple. You plant a virtual tree and set a timer. During this time, if you navigate away from the app or use another distracting application, the tree withers. It was a fun and interactive way to remind myself of my commitment. Watching my virtual forest grow was both satisfying and motivating.

Shutting Down My Phone: When the Forest App wasn't enough, or when I felt especially tempted, I simply shut down my phone. It's incredible how this straightforward action can create a barrier between you and your digital urges. When the device isn't immediately accessible, the sheer inertia of having to switch it on and wait often dissuades any fleeting urge.

Reflections Quitting social media has been an eye-opening journey. It has shown me that while social media can be a powerful tool for connection and information, it's also a double-edged sword that can consume hours of our day, drain our mental energy, and often leave us feeling unsatisfied.

The journey is still ongoing, and while I don't foresee myself completely abandoning platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, or TikTok, I've become more mindful of the time I spend on them.

For anyone contemplating a social media detox, I'd say – give it a try. The clarity, peace, and the newfound time you'll discover might just surprise you.

Remember, it's not about vilifying technology or social media, but about regaining control and ensuring these platforms serve us, rather than the other way around. Here's to mindful scrolling and more present living. Cheers!

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